"Make a SPLASH"
 August 21-23, 2014
Beaver County Fairgrounds
Minersville, UT


 The 2014 Beaver County Fair Grand Marshals are..Val and Ila Smith.

Thanks Val & Ila for all you have done in Beaver County!

Val and Ila Smith have been selected as the 2014 Grand Marshals of the Beaver County Fair.

Mary Ila Williams was born in Payson, Utah, in 1943, and moved to Beaver when she was three years old.  Val Leon Smith was born in Bingham, Utah, in 1944. Both were students at Belknap Elementary and Beaver High School. They both graduated from the College of Southern Utah in Cedar City with Bachelors of Education degrees. They were married September 6, 1963.

The Smiths moved back to Beaver where Ila began teaching first-grade at Belknap Elementary the fall of 1965. Val began teaching his career at Belknap the following year teaching the fifth grade for 20 years.  He received his Master’s of Education degree in 1988 and served as Principal of the elementary for another 16 years before retiring in 2002. 

Ila left full- time teaching and stayed at home to raise their four daughters Stephanie, Caroline, Valerie and Andrea. Always the teacher, she taught them to read early and prepared them for kindergarten. She returned to the classroom 1979. During her teaching career she taught first, sixth and third grades, kindergarten and the Title I program. She is most proud of co-introducing the Utah History Fair program to the schools and Beaver County. She continues to volunteer with this program at the local, regional and state levels.  Many Beaver County students participate at the national level and she’s very proud of their accomplishments. Ila was chosen The Utah History Fair Teacher of the Year in 2002 and 2007. She retired from teaching in 2005.

Ila’s talent in painting blossomed after retirement. She has created several beautiful award-winning watercolor paintings. Over the year she has crafted porcelain dolls for her daughters and many of the grandchildren. She is well known in the community as a beautiful wedding cake decorator and made hundreds of cakes for brides and specialty cakes for all occasions. For years she worked with her mother, Fern Williams, in her floral shop and raises equally beautiful flowers in her yard.

Val has been a member of the Beaver County Search and Rescue for over 40 years. Without a doubt, the black truck and speakers of Smith Sound Services are well known throughout Central and Southern Utah since he first purchased the Public Address System in 1970. It Is not uncommon to hear  “the Voice” echoing around town with public announcements, Christmas music, and at public events.  He has provided sound services for the Beaver County Fair since they began at the fairgrounds.

The Smiths are service oriented donating countless hours in various church, civic and community organizations.  They are Service Missionaries in the Beaver Stake working in the Bishop’s Storehouse.  For 23 years they were the main campground hosts at Tushar Lakeside during the summer months.    Countless friendships were made and continued over the years.  The time donated at Tushar was a labor of love as they nurtured and cared for the camp site and those who visited and camped there.

Val and Ila love Beaver County and the great people who call it home.

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 The Beaver County Fairgrounds is located at 1400 East Highway 21 in Minersville, Utah.

    There is no admission fee for the fair.  There is, however, a $5.00 per person entry fee to the rodeo and the demolition derby, with ages 5 and under free. 

     Thursday night is dollar night at the carnival with rides at one ticket per ride.
     Friday night is Family Night with admission prices as $5.00 per person or $20 per family.

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