Grand Marshal 2018---Richard and Carmen Gale

Catch'n Air at the Beaver County Fair 

August 22-25 2018

Previous Fair Grand Marshals
2018-- Richard and Carmen Gale
2017- Valirie Short
2016- Jack and Pam McMullin
2015- Rick and Kathy Rose

2014- Val and Ila Smith
2013- Karl Truman and Betty Marshall 
2012- Bryan and Helen Sherwood
2011 - Al and Genevre Wallace
2010 - Ruben Dotson and Elma Blackburn
2009 - Richard and Toni Rollins
2008 - Shirley Wright and Marsha Henrie
2007 - Dale and Carla Eyre
2006 - Heber & Colleen Gurr
2005 - Ronald and Sally Rose
2004- Vance & Connie Marshall

Richard and Carmen Gale met in Cedar City in the spring of 1975 and were married in July of 1976.  They chose to live in Richard’s hometown of Beaver and this is where their adventures together began.  Richard was employed as a truck driver for Mother Earth (Sulferdale), J.R. Ready Mix, Robert Christiansen Farms and for UPS.  He retired in 2016.  Carmen worked at the sewing factory, K & C Drive In, Beaver Hospital where she had many jobs including insurance clerk/secretary, medical records, emergency dispatch (ambulance and police), scrub nurse and birth register.  If you were born from 1977-81 in Beaver she probably signed your birth certificate.  In the late fall of 1981 they became the owners of Spanish Rose Floral and operated it successfully for 25 years.  After Carmen’s retirement she stayed home enjoying her grandkids until she got bored.  She started working for Southern Utah Mortuary and as a substitute teacher where she loves the kids.
Richard has always had a love for animals and has ran a small farm with Carmen at his side.  It didn’t take long to take his city girl and turn her into a redneck farm girl.  At one time they owned 1,000 head of sheep.  In the fall they would trail the sheep from Monroe Mountain home to Beaver.  They now raise club show lambs and show hogs.  They travel the States taking their kids to show livestock.  In their spare time they enjoy working together flipping houses or just hanging out with their family.

After 7 years of adventures they were blessed with their first daughter Felicia and after another 7 years their daughter Mercede joining them.  They have 4 grandsons, Blaze, Justice, Maxxtyn and Mykol and one granddaughter, Khilynn.  Blaze and Justice became their sons after the passing of their mother.

Richard and Carmen have always loved being involved with the community.  They believe that serving keeps you young.  They have served in many church callings, ward and stake.  They were members of the old Beaver JC’s, Riding Club, Betterment Club, Chamber of Commerce, Beaver County 4-H Advisory Council for 18 years, Beaver County 4-H Livestock Council and stock show coordinator for the Beaver County Fair for 12 years.  Serving on the livestock committee has been their favorite.  Their motto has always been, “Anything for the Kids.”  They have enjoyed watching the animals at the county fair livestock show improve every year and the number of exhibitors keep growing and growing.
Carmen and Richard feel very honored to be chosen as Beaver County Fair’s Grand Marshals for 2018.  (Even though they don’t feel old enough).  They would like to thank everyone for helping to make Beaver County a great place to live and raise a family…a little bit of heaven on earth.  They invite everyone to come out and enjoy the Beaver County Fair.

Beaver County Fair    

August 23-26​ 2017