Rick and Kathy Rose have been chosen to be the Beaver County Fair Grand Marshal’s for 2015.

Rick and Kathy have been married for 43 years, they have 3 kids and 8 grandkids. Both were graduates of Milford High School and have resided in Beaver County for most of their married lives.

Rick is currently employed by Beaver County Correction Facility, many of you may see him around the county doing various projects with the correction facility work crew.  He and his crew spend countless hours at the Minersville Lake, Butch Cassidy Days and the Beaver County Fair grounds and many other community projects throughout the county.  He coached baseball for over 25 year. He loves to fish, hunt, camp and most importantly spending time with his grandkids.

Kathy currently works for Southwest Mental Health in Beaver County serving as a drug and alcohol therapist. She graduated from University of Utah with a master’s degree in sociology. She volunteered and spent many hours running the youth programs when her kids were young.  She loves to spend time fishing and boating with Rick but mostly loves spending time her grandkids.

Rick and Kathy’s favorite hobbies include watching baseball, fishing, and working in their yard. But mostly you will always find Rick and Kathy cheering on all their grandkids in all their sporting events. Congratulations on being selected 2015 Beaver County Fair Grand Marshals. 


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