Catch'n Air at the Beaver County Fair 

August 22-25 2018

Beaver County Fair    

August 23-26​ 2017

Still Under Construction


Saturday, August 25, 2018 6:30 p.m.
$5.00 per person, age 5 and under free

UPDATE: We decided to make it about how well you can DRIVE and how well you can BUILD a car. The rules for the Beaver County Fair will be if you ran in a derby in Utah you are good to go. Full Weld, Limited weld, Washington County, Richfield, Delta or Beaver, etc….. So build your car accordingly. Help us keep doing an awesome show and keeping you guys and gals (drivers) HAPPY!

 *For more information or to enter a car or truck, please contact Lance or Chad at (435) 310-0313.


    The entry fee is $50 for all classes.  The fee includes 3 T-shirts (1 for the driver and 2 for pit crew members). Extra pit passes are available for $15 each and includes a T-shirt. 
     Car inspections will be from 2:00-6:00 pm on the day of the derby.

Car Demolition Derby:
1st Place:  $4,000.00
2nd Place:  $2,000.00
3rd Place:  $1,000.00
Most Aggressive:  $500.00

Truck Demolition Derby:
1st Place:  $2,000.00
2nd Place:  $1,000.00
3rd Place:  $500.00
Roll Over Bounty:  $250.00 

Mini Car Figure 8 Race:
1st Place:  $1,000.00
2nd Place: $500.00
3rd Place: $200.00
*This is a limited entry event to the first 20 cars.

Powder Puff ** 
1st Place $1000.00
2nd Place $500.00
 3rd Place $250.00

**If there is enough interest